Leffler Simes Architects is well recognised as one of Australia’s leading architectural practices with studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Established in the late 1960s, Leffler Simes was at the forefront of the dramatic expansion of the retail sector throughout Australia and designed a majority of the large shopping centres built at this time.
With a solid retail pedigree founded in the 1970s and 80s, Leffler Simes have maintained a role as a major retail practice since.
From the 1980s onwards, the practice evolved to encompass all sectors of the architectural sphere; retail, commercial, industrial, hospitality, education, medical, leisure and residential.
In response to an increased demand for our expertise, Leffler Simes Architects established a Melbourne studio in 2003 followed by a Brisbane studio in 2010, with approximately 60 staff in total. Our success has been principally due to the quality of our people and their vast range of architectural creativity and ability. Add to that our team of interior designers who actively assist all the sectors noted above.
The practice culture is energetic, multi-faceted and varied, thus enabling Leffler Simes to produce quality design solutions while providing a highly professional service to our clients. We are also environmentally conscious, commercially sound, and with strong social values aimed to benefit the communities in which we live and work.
It is our objective to continually evolve and develop as an architectural practice, always striving to create new and interesting solutions ensuring an architecture that embodies our client’s values and aspirations, as well as our own.

Leffler Simes Architects has extensive experience in many forms of Architectural Design and development, including

Creative Conceptual Architectural Design
Innovative Interior Design Services
Inspired Development Application Designs & Documentation
3D Modelling, Visualisation & Flythrough animations
Site Master Planning
Detailed Landscape Design
Construction Certificate Documentation
Comprehensive, Accurate and detailed Construction Documentation
National Construction Code
Contract Administration and Specification Services
Site Attendance during Construction
Marketing Plans & Tenancy Plans
Post Occupancy Evaluations
Retail Tenancy Design
Sun/Shadow Analysis & Documentation

Leffler Simes Architects is committed to staying at the forefront of international design excellence. We understand the importance of creative innovation and design ingenuity. As part of our commitment to creating distinct, user-friendly spaces, we continually look for opportunities to adapt and refine conventional design and the planning processes. Most importantly, we work hard to ensure that our projects define a clear and unique identity for our clients, whilst remaining mindful of budget and functionality constraints. With the active involvement of our clients, we have won numerous awards for our work, including multiple accolades from the Master Builders Association of Australia.

We pride ourselves in the innovative nature of our service, from the very first sketch plans to the finished product. At all times providing the most comprehensive, meticulous and exacting details expected from your Architectural practice. Our staff are well trained and have a wealth of knowledge to call upon, for each and every project. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions creatively and strive to develop and execute concepts that embody progress within the industry.

We take a very reasoned and creative approach to Sustainable Design, with this aspect being an important part of every commission. Our culture of professional education ensures that we are constantly renewing our awareness and knowledge of the impact that the buildings of today will have on future generations. We are a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and have many staff with an active interest in continual development of this area. To this end, we seek to minimise the environmental impact of our buildings by enhancing the efficiency of the built environment through materials, energy consumption, services efficiency and development space in every design.

Our architecture serves the community and impacts our day to day lives. Our buildings are designed to be identifiable for our clients and their customers, creating familiarity of their product across multiple locations, but individualistic enough to represent the local area. Our buildings are intrinsic to the Australian culture and how we operate in our day to day lives.

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