ALDI Allenstown Rockhampton.

This store is one of ALDI’s largest stores in Australia and the most Northern in Queensland. This project was commissioned to design a 6 aisle generic ALDI store with maximum car parking.

The site conditions dictated that a carpark undercroft area was created with a suspended store and on grade parking in front of the store. A shared entry was created with the Fantastic Furniture site to the North to accommodate truck movements for both sites. Reciprocal easements were created where trucks from both sites can maneuver into each other site to enter and exit the stores.

The undercroft parking is located below the 1 in 100 year flood level and has / will flood again. The parking has been designed with a completely sealed concrete finish which can be hosed out and cleaned after a flood event. The access ramp connecting the on grade upper carpark to the undercroft carpark can be chained off when a flood event is predicted.