Sean Schmidt


IKEA’s new Marsden Park store has won the Master Builders award for excellence in retail construction, up to 50 million dollars.

Leffler Simes assisted the above award, by understanding and implementing IKEA’s minimalist, yet practical design philosophy.

Leffler Simes ability and willingness to assist IKEA during the construction phase, via your micro level of detailing in your FC documents, mitigated construction detailing “on the fly” allowing the construction team to concentrate on quality and program.

IKEA benefited from Leffler Simes pro-activeness and professionalism through all phases of the project.

A sincere thank you.

Dr. Zhen Liu

Jiuxing Group, Anshan Liaoning China

Jiuxing Group developments (from Anshan Liaoning North China) moved into the commercial property sector in 2012.

We felt that it was best to look for an international architect to produce a building that made a statement in our town, Anshan Liaoning.

Changda Square is our first commercial development, as a company and we required a fresh and creative approach to the design. We wanted to raise the bar of architecture in our town, something that our town had never experience before. Hence, began our search for an architect with extensive commercial and retail experience.

During a business trip to Australian in 2012, I visited Springvale Homemaker Centre in Melbourne, Victorian. I was inspired by the exterior and interior design of the IKEA and Harvey Norman Stores which evoked the idea of contacting the architectural company involved, Leffler Simes Architects. The relationship between the two companies grew from then.

Directors Chris Goodman and Stephen Evans showed great interest working with us and constantly want to learn new ways to adapt to the Chinese market.

LSA then travelled from Australia to Beijing to plan LSA’s Beijing office and then to Anshan city to meet our team and learn about our project.

They spent the necessary time to learn about our vision and helped to focus and clarify it. They showed great patience and expertise to our needs and fresh thoughts during the process. They also spent a lot of time studying the construction site and visiting local suppliers, which made the final design applicable and cost effective.

Within the time of a year, LSA printed their Chinese business cards, issued their Chinese magazine and established their website in mandarin. They have also been preparing the opening of their LSA-Beijing office.

The LSA team always listen to what we are trying to accomplish and they make helpful and constructive suggestions to better our ideas on the project as a whole.

There is a very strong power of execution inside the LSA team. They respond and act in a fast and effective matter. They work with a sense of responsibility and perfectionist mentality. LSA produces all the drawings in both English and Chinese which was very important and useful to us.

They are experienced and creative in design and master advance tools to present the 2D, 3D and animated drawings and images. Whenever we have a design concept presentation by LSA or design images are shown to our team, our excitement and confidence on our project increases more.

We have formed friendships during this venture. It is not just normal friendship between individuals, but the friendships between two companies who are a world away from each other, speak two totally different languages, and live in two different political societies. The friendship stems from mutual trust, understanding, consideration and we share a common willingness.

We are deeply touched by their faith and commitment to our project and the Chinese market. We know that we will develop a long-term relationship with LSA, as our own company continues to evolve.

John McManus

ProBuild Constructions (Aust)

It gives me great pleasure to provide this testimonial for Stephen Evans (and) Leffler Simes Architects. I am one of the longer serving Construction Managers at Probuild, overseeing a number of our projects here in Victoria.

I first met Stephen during initial negotiations and the eventual awarding to us of the Harvey Norman/Ikea Bulky Goods Development at Springvale. This was at the beginning of what has been a new and terrific partnership between our two teams in this very significant project, nearly two years ago.

Although some may find it hard to get excited about the Architecture of a Bulky Goods Development, I must say Leffler Simes Architects have come up with a very ‘edgy’ design in format and finishes, whilst at the same time achieving a most practical layout.

At Probuild, we get to be part of many retail designs and I feel with Springvale, if you walk through in ten years time, it will still stand up to what will still be seen then, as current architecture.

This project has quite obviously been driven personally by Stephen, as he has consistently shown a personal ownership in all discussions and decisions affecting the final look. He has fronted up on the job at any moment to do what he has to do, including weekends.

On your first impression of Steve, I am sure you will find that he presents well and ready for the challenge, is in tune with today and on the go. This resonates through his team and also shows in the finished product.

We look forward to working together on the next one.

Don Stallings

Masters Home Improvement

The launch of our very first Masters store is fast approaching (Completed in 2011) and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us to make this incredible vision a reality.

As our Inaugural flagship store, Braybrook will give Australia its first glimpse of everything Masters represents – fantastic choice, amazing value, unparalleled service and, of course, some much needed competition! Throughout our journey I know you understood how Important it was for Braybrook to truly live up to all our hopes and dreams and set the benchmark for our brand. It was Immensely heartening to see our partners exhibit the same care and enthusiasm as our own team and It really made this project feel extra special.

(Leffler Simes Architect’s) efforts in making this store shine are greatly appreciated by the Masters team and everyone connected with the Woolworths and Lowe’s joint venture. We are extremely proud and hope you are too!

Garry C. Zauner

Zauner Construction

Health Testimonial for Leffler Simes Architects

I am very pleased to provide this reference for Leffler Simes Pty. Ltd. Architects. I confirm that I am writing this reference in my company’s capacity as Managing Director of the Zauner Group of Companies who have had the pleasure of working with Leffler Simes for almost the past 20 years. 

Recent projects have included the $33m Gardens Medical Centre, Level 3 Gardens Medical Group, Gardens Medical Centre, Level 5 Insight Private Hospital and Theatres, X-ray facilities for the X Ray Group Albury, and new Pathways Health development at Moruya Hospital. Leffler Simes continue to provide valuable design and documentation skills for new heart surgeon facilities to be provided in the Gardens Medical Centre.

Projects have ranged over wide regional and demographically diverse locations such as Albury, Wagga, Broken Hill, the South Coast of NSW, Central Western NSW through to metro projects such as the Warriewood Sydney and various in Melbourne.

I have known the Leffler Simes Directors both personally and professionally over the period and have always found the company’s overall culture to be well focussed, committed and partnering based founded on the principle that the Client comes first.

Leffler Simes are very knowledgeable and innovative, as well as eager to accommodate any Client or Builder requests as may be required.

They have embraced the challenges of every project we have undertaken and have ensured the responsibility and commitment of being part of a team including Clients, consultants and contractors in a true partnering spirit.

They have met every project deadline and milestone required of them in the course of our relationship, including turnkey projects where the desired project time, quality and budget were fixed.

We believe Leffler Simes will prove an asset to any project requiring these qualities and would be happy to provide any further information to support this testimonial if required to do so.

David Kirwan

Insight Clinic

Leffler Simes Architects were responsible for the design and documentation of our new Insight Clinic Private Hospital, Level 5 The Gardens Medical Centre. The project included an operating theatre complex.

Leffler Simes proved themselves on many occasions to be sympathetic to our needs. They produced a quality product, which has proven to be an outstanding solution, to a very complex problem.

Patient feedback on the completed premises has been outstanding and we believe that this concept has set the mark for projects of a similar nature.

Leffler Simes were totally accommodating to the inevitable changes at short notice and have proven themselves at design of quality premises within time and budget.

Having worked in the Albury Wodonga region for some 15 years, I would have no hesitation in recommending Leffler Simes Architects to any person seeking the services of a professional architectural practice, committed to quality service.


Brendan Cook

Harvey Norman

This is to confirm that Leffler Simes Architects Pty Ltd have provided architectural and interior design services to this company over the last 20 years.

The practice continues to have our endorsement for its consistent delivery of professional services that support the growth of our business and the renovation of our retail premises.

We continue to work with Leffler Simes on complex projects as they provide consistent performance with integrity within our tight construction programs and budget.

It is with pleasure that we recommend them as they have proven to be client focused, design led and versatile in all that they do.

They have always provided innovative and creative solutions for our projects whether they are retail, commercial or industrial.

Dr James Mullins

The X-Ray Group

Over the past five years I have been involved in six building projects, all using different architects, designers and builders. These have included four radiology practices, and two domestic projects.

Leffler Simes Architects (LSA) were recommended to me by Garry Zauner of Zauner Constructions in 2008. Zauner built the Gardens Medical Centre in Albury, using LSA as building architects. We leased an area of around 600m2 to build a radiology practice on Level One.

LSA were faced with some difficult design problems. The major problem was the large expanse of windows along two sides of the tenancy. Windows can be difficult in radiology practices due to the need for both privacy and radiation shielding. LSA came up with a solution which used these windows to create a light –filled corridor which has worked well in the two years we have been operating the site.

Our design brief was to push the boundaries of the usual medical practice design, to create a contemporary space that people would remember and be happy to return to. LSA achieved this. They created a space with a white clinical feel, with brightly coloured flooring and some lighting to add interest. The design was a finalist in the (INSIDE) Interior Design Excellence Awards in 2010, Australia’s most prestigious design industry awards.

We have had amazingly positive feedback from everyone who has been in the practice. Industry sales reps who see all practices around Australia say it is unique. We are proud of the result we have achieved with LSA and Zauner. The facility contributes enormously to the culture of our organisation and staff satisfaction.

The process with LSA was easy and enjoyable. They developed several concepts. One was chosen and refined.

They liaised well the building team and ensured a quality build was achieved. They managed rectification of defects well.

I have been totally happy with Leffler Simes Architects. The experience was better than with any other architects in my experience. I would be happy to recommend them for any similar project or use them again myself, if the opportunity arose.